Easter Sunday Worship Plans (Updated 3/30/2020)

When COVID-19 initially hit, most of us were hopeful that we would be able to gather as normal by Easter Sunday. Now that reality has set in and we are watching the numbers roll in day after day, that hope has begun to dwindle.

So, what do we do for Easter, the biggest day of celebration for followers of Christ? Easter has become an emphasis for evangelistic efforts for churches. How do we approach this special day now that the virus has changed everything?

This post isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of options. Rather, after connecting with and discussing options with over 70 pastors and churches, I am offering a consensus of three two options most seem to be taking.

Continue Online Worship & Celebrate Resurrection Sunday in a Special Way

Many churches are planning to continue with online or live worship services with some kind of creative twist to make Easter special. Most of the churches with this plan are those who were already experienced in digital worship services before the crisis hit.

How could you make that day special? Perhaps suggest a list of materials that your church should gather beforehand and include them in the sermon. Some churches with enough resources could mail an object lesson ahead of time. Another idea would be to have those watching do something tangible related to the sermon that day. Whatever you do, make sure to include others and get creative help from those who are gifted in that area.

Postpone Easter Celebration Until Physical Gathering Has Resumed

Another popular option is to simply celebrate Easter in a few weeks when physical gathering resumes. Churches that are planning to do this will continue meeting online and announce to their church a date when it becomes available. Think, “Easter in May,” or “Resurrection Sunday in June or July.” This way you could still place an emphasis on the resurrection and celebrate it properly. You could also use it as an evangelistic opportunity at a time when attendance is normally lower.

Host a Drive-In Church Service

This option is quickly gaining traction, probably because of the excitement it brings. I wouldn’t recommend making this a regular part of your church offering, but it is a creative way to allow your people to gather and celebrate–without coming into contact with each other. If you select this option, you can grab an inexpensive .5 Watt transmitter online and be good to go. Simply connect it to your sound system and away you go!

If you do choose the drive-in option, let me encourage you to be very clear with your people. Ask them not to roll down their windows, get out of their cars, or come into contact with each other at all. That would absolutely defeat the purpose of social distancing.

With that said, I believe this is a viable option this Easter.

After recent guideline updates and decisions from President Trump, we do NOT believe Drive-in is a viable option for churches at this time. While it may be safe, I don’t believe the risk is worth the reward.

Whatever you choose to do, let’s use this as an opportunity to support one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another. We are on the same team! You may even choose to partner with another local church to share the online streaming experience or to work together in pulling off the Easter Drive-in service.

Church, let’s pray that God uses this Easter in an amazing way–even though we won’t get to celebrate it as we normally do!