Free Resources To Help

One way the church has absolutely shined during this COVID-19 pandemic is how so many have stepped up to offer products, services, and resources for free to the church. It has been amazing to see so many organizations and businesses serve the church in this way! I’m thankful for my brothers and sisters who have not stepped back during this moment, but have stepped up! Below is a list of resources I’ve come across that may help you and your church during this time. This list is not comprehensive. Please comment if you have found another resource and I will update this list as we hear of more!

Free Online Streaming Service & Virtual Meeting
Free Online Meeting Tool

Free Online Giving Services
Generosity by Lifeway

Free Bible Study and Teaching Resources
Free Ligonier Teaching Series
Free Series and Media Access by Logos
Free Curriculum by LifeWay
Adventures in Odyssey 4 Weeks Free

Free Training for Virtual Churches
How To Stream Your Church For Free
How to LiveStream Your Sermon

Other Free Resources
Free Advanced Healthcare Directive Download by the Baptist Foundation of Alabama
Free COVID-19 Response Guide for Churches